Watercolors by Deborah Swan-McDonald
Watercolor Impressions of Nature

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I fell upon your site while searching for another Deborah McDonald. I was so pleased to get to view your work. It is a real inspiration, as I am just beginning to learn watercolor painting. Your colors and style on flowers are realistic, yet soft and imaginative. I will be back again! Thanks, Jill Blythe
Jill Blythe - 7 Jun 2016
Amazing water colors of nature. You do an amazing job capturing the beauty of Mother Nature in your paintings.
Tammy Arnold - 29 Mar 2016
Amazing water colors of nature. You do an amazing job capturing the beauty of Mother Nature in your paintings.
Tammy Arnold - 29 Mar 2016
Ooo!!! I love your paintings so much, Deborah! It was such a delight to meet you and now to look at your gorgeous work. You add such beauty to the world and such versatility. Thank you!
Mimi - 6 Dec 2015
I found a painting of yours on Pinterest and liked it enough to visit the site. Thank you!
cathy hasty - 12 Jun 2015
Your work is outstanding. The way you choose and put your colors is magnificent. Thank you for sharing!
Ofra - 28 Mar 2015
Debi was my first instructor in the beautiful medium of watercolor. I learned so much from her and still do as I enjoy her website. Thanks Debi!
Patricia Heller - 27 Mar 2015
Great art by a great artist! Keep up the good work, and inspiring budding artists! John (CHS'68)
John Richards - 19 Feb 2014
I am a 60 year old woman that has retired and had a chance to dabble in my passion to paint. It is late in life to start but it is a start. Your work is so beautiful that it melts my heart to tears... what a lovely gift you have been given. Thank you for allowing us to view your masterpieces. in love, peace and joy.
patricia duncan - 22 Feb 2013
Your work is beautiful! The ocean theme mood is especially vigorous and energizing. I feel honored to be your student. You are a fantastic artist and instructor!
Lori Dupuis - 2 Nov 2012
so lovely, thanks for the invitation to visit. Love the flowers, amazing colors.
Candy Krueger - 4 Apr 2012
I now have seven of your lovely watercolor prints hanging in my home. They are a delight to me and others that see them. I am hoping for more, to see if they would fit into my home. Thank you
Judy Alexander - 5 Feb 2012
Your paintings always amazed me. You are so talented.
Karen Swan - 12 Jan 2012
No matter how many times I look at your work, I am awestruck - you have been given such a talent/gift that it is amazing. Thank you so much for sharing with us! Am looking forward to more lessons with you some day!
Debbie Rood - 22 Dec 2011
I'm a watercolor artist, but anytime I look at your work, it pushes me to do more.I thank you for publishing your work.
Agbeko Hommey - 2 Jun 2011
Your work is beautiful! Thank you for exhibiting your work.
Cylvia Santillan - 18 Sep 2009
Hello Deborah, I truly enjoyed looking through your website at your beautiful water colors. I will keep looking up the new news when you will be at the Descanso Gardens. Robin Ruby, meet you at Joseph's House in Bishop. Really enjoyed talking to you and your family.
Robin Ruby - 5 Sep 2009
I am enthralled with the beauty of your paintings as well as the quality of the website. How privileged I have been to have started my passion for painting with YOU as my first teacher. Thank you for your continued encouragement and friendship. Patsy
Patsy Heller - 25 Dec 2008
Hi Deborah, I enjoy your webside. Fantastic colors and washes. Happy Halloween ! Pong
Pong Apinyavat - 28 Oct 2008
Thank you so much for encouraging me today! I absolutely love your paintings and as soon as I can afford one I will buy one from you! Thanks again!
Lindsey LaBarge - 24 Jun 2008
Nice site
Barbara Hope - 30 May 2008
Your work takes my breath away.
Nana Thomas - 28 May 2008
Each original watercolor is fresh, and a delightful feast for the eye!
Dana Morgan - 23 May 2008
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